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Syrups, Smoothies & Frappes

Get more of that summery feeling this year & cool-out with our delicious range of chilled drinks. Smoothies, frappes and non-blended cold drinks are the ideal drinks for the British summer, they are a great way to generate sales and increase profits - better yet they are so easy to make!


Torani syrups are made with pure cane sugar, natural flavours and cold-filtered water. They are the number one brand in the United States and Coopers are the sole distributer in the UK, we just couldn't have you missing out on this amazing product! Torani syrups are ideal for hot or cold beverages including flavoured lattes, iced coffee, lemonades & Italian sodas.


Sweetbird is a bit of a mystery, but there are certain things that he gets very excited about - jelly, birthdays and flavours! Sweetbird syrups are a bit special as they're the only ones to be approved by the Vegetarian Society and for vegan diets by Viva. They also have no GMOs or artificial preservatives and colourings. Sweetbird also offer a great range of smoothies which are naturally fruity & fantastically refreshing! All smoothies are made with real fruit and they are 99% fat free - great stuff.


Multi-award winning Zuma frappes allow you to create thick, smooth and consistantly delicious cold drinks - a caffeine hit without the heat! These are the only frappes that use real chocolate, real vanilla and real toffee pieces to give strong, natural flavours - guaranteed to keep coffee sales booming in the summer. Zuma frappes also have a significantly lower fat content than other brands!

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