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Cups & other bits

Coopers offer our own brand of classy ripple cups and crockery in addition to a wide selection of other "liquid holdy things". Coopers - making cups exciting! We don't call ourselves a "one stop shop" for nothing, we have everything you could possibly need to run a coffee shop. Get in touch to find out more.

Ceramic Cups

Coopers main ceramic cup range is Enrica and they are ideal for continental style cafes. They have a tall tulip shape design which is perfect for espressos and cappuccinos. UK Barista Championship contestants regularly use the Enrica range to help them make the perfect coffee! You can get them with or without Coopers branding. Enrica not quite right for you? Talk to us and we will find you the perfect cup...

Coopers Ripple Cups

Our ripple cups are double walled with a classic wave design, so there is no need to double cup or use a seperate sleeve! The Coopers branded ripple cups come in a set of 4 different colours so they look good if they are out on display. We also offer a non-branded natural version of the ripple cup if you would prefer the more natural look. Don't forget about the lids!

Coopers Sugar Sticks

Sugar is as important to a coffee shop as good coffee! We have Coopers branded sugar sticks, white and brown. There is also a fairtrade option available too...

Everything else

We literally stock everything you might need to run a coffee shop but we thought it would be a very tiresome & boring read! Give us a call to find out all of our other extra bits.

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