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Chocolate & Biscuits

Everyone loves something sweet every now and again, hot chocolates are fast becoming increasingly popular - so much so that customers are demanding the best quality & more sophisticated flavours. Hot chocolates should account for around 15% of you winter drinks sales. Add-on items such as small packs of biscuits are the perfect companion for a good coffee or tea!

Elegant & English biscuits

We are really excited about Elegant & English biscuits! They are refined all-butter biscuits, each with subtle and interesting infusions of two natural flavours that simply taste amazing. Slim and crisp, the perfect complement to a cup of tea (or coffee if you prefer!) at any time of day. Classic, stylish, and as English as Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.


These amazing sauces are crafted from real, simple ingredients such as Dutch cocoa, vanilla and caramelised sugar, YUM! This gives Torani sauces the truest flavours and they blend perfectly with milk and in coffee. Ideal for hot mochas, iced coffees & frappes.


Zuma hot chocolate is a traditional smooth, sweet and creamy chocolate. It is also approved for vegetarian and vegan diets, so you can use them with soya milk to make dairy free options!

Coopers Chocolate Powder

We have created our very own fantastic, creamy hot chocolate, ideal for mochas and superb as a hot chocolate drink when made with hot milk.

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