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At Coopers we offer a wide range of tea products from Twinings, Numi Organic Tea, English Garden Tea, Cosy Tea and also our very own range of loose leaf tea. You are spoilt for choice! So whether you are looking for tea bags or loose leaf tea, we have you covered.

Syrups, smoothies & frappes.

Coopers offer a massive range of fantastic syrups and frappes to keep your seasonal drinks menu booming all year round! Our Sweetbird smoothies & iced teas are totally fruity & fantastically refreshing, and our real chocolate Zuma frappes allow you to create thick, smooth and mega-delicious cold drinks. Keep the good times rolling!

Chocolate & Biscuits.

We understand that a quality Hot chocolate always goes down well, so expect no compromise with our Zuma & Coopers hot chocolates. Indulgent, rich and creamy your customers will want to savour this time and time again. To top it all off we also offer Artisan biscuits made with the best quality ingredients and hand-crafted skill and care. Get on it.

Cups & other bits.

It is not all just about the coffee, oh no. You will of course need something to serve the coffee in, then maybe your customer might like to add some sugar, then possibly something to stir the sugar with... Well don't panic, we have all of this too!

Point of sale.

We have team of talented designers who literally eat, sleep & live for design. We take a look at the whole consumer experience and brand personality, brand environment, livery (uniform) promotional strategy, web media - the whole thing. It's all about finding an angle that’s beyond the obvious to create something truly iconic, that's not only valuable to you in the short term, but for many years to come.

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