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Guide To... Attracting New Customers And Staying In Touch Using Social Media

Social media gives us more opportunity than ever before to stay in touch with customers or attract new ones. Our guide gives insight into the most popular social networks and an overview of different ways to use them to engage with customers.

Guide To... The Latest Filter Brew Methods & Setting Up Your First Brew Bar

Brewing equipment today is not only artisanal and artistic - allowing you to create a bit of theatre - it also lets you tap in to the hottest trends on the third wave coffee scene.

Guide To... Calibrating Your Coffee Machine

Calibrating a machine is a vital part of producing a perfect coffee. Although each espresso machine differs, we’ve compiled a check list of what you need to run through to make sure you get the calibration right. But we can’t mention calibrating a machine without talking about a grinder. So use this guide in tandem with our guide to grinders.

Guide To... Picking The Right Coffee For You And Your Customers

Coffee is the star of the show but where should you start when choosing a new one? Check out our guide to picking the right coffee for you… and your customers!

Guide To... Training

People are the face of your business, so training them to deliver five-star service is so important. Check out our guide to training.

Guide To... Grinders

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of espresso but grinders are the basis of an exceptional cup. Here’s our guide to grinders - the sidekick of your espresso machine.

Guide To... Steaming Milk For Latte Art

Latte and cappuccino are the UK’s two favourite coffees and a staple on our coffee menus. Take a look at our guide to creating latte art that will create a lasting impression.

Guide To... Bar Layout & Machine Location

Whether you’re setting up a new coffee shop or refurbishing your bar layout, the location of your kit is one of the most important things to get right.
Great layout = efficient service and happy customers.
Check out our guide to the basics.

Guide To... Maximising Every Sale

Maximising sales is key for any business but in the competitive coffee industry it is crucial to help you stay ahead of the crowd. Take a look at our top tips to help you maximise every sales opportunity.

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