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Espresso coffee.

Coopers espresso coffees are fully traceable and ethically sourced. We have been involved with many Barista Championships and events over the years, whether it is our coffees or staff we are there. Together we can find an espresso coffee that is perfect for you, but for now have a read and see what you think...

Filter coffee.

We offer a great range of coffees which will be great for all kinds of brewing methods. Our filter coffee is pre portioned in various sized packets to give you the best recipe for each brew method.

Cafetiere coffee.

All of our cafetiere coffees are certified and are coarsely ground specifically for cafetieres. They come in 17g pre-portioned sachets which means the coffee stays fresh and there is no coffee wasted.

Pre-portioned coffee.

Do you want great tasting espresso coffee but have very little space to play with? We have a great solution for you. Our coffee pods and pre-portioned espresso coffees are foil sealed and pre-measured so you don't need a grinder.

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