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Hello and welcome to the new Coopers Coffee blog! Here we will keep you updated with everything that we get up to such as details of upcoming events and lots more coffee related stuff.

Keep on top of trends but dont forget the basics

If the latest industry reports are anything to go by, the UK coffee scene has got off to a flying start in 2016. Over 30% of independent coffee shop owners have seen significant year-on-year growth in turnover, with over 90% of owners expecting this to continue this year.1 So, with summer approaching, we take a look at some of the latest trends to tap into to help you stay ahead of the competition and on track for a busy 2016.

Top Barista Tip: Avoid Jargon

No one likes a ‘know it all’, least of all your customers. So it’s important to remind your team to use familiar coffee terms to help sales.


When you have built up a reputation for delivering great tasting quality cakes and baked products that date back more than 100 years, selecting the right coffee partner isn’t a decision you can make overnight.

With so many potential coffee suppliers to consider, Chatwins wanted to work with a coffee partner who had the same long held values to consistently deliver a quality customer experience. So, when it saw what Coopers could offer, Chatwins was confident the team would help develop a quality offer that would drive profit from the booming coffee market.

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