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Keep on top of trends but dont forget the basics

If the latest industry reports are anything to go by, the UK coffee scene has got off to a flying start in 2016. Over 30% of independent coffee shop owners have seen significant year-on-year growth in turnover, with over 90% of owners expecting this to continue this year.1 So, with summer approaching, we take a look at some of the latest trends to tap into to help you stay ahead of the competition and on track for a busy 2016.

It’s important to ensure you’re catering for health conscious consumers and those looking for lactose-free options, with one in five consumers interested in coffee made with non-dairy milk such as almond, soy or coconut.

Adding new drink choices is a great way to entice customers through the door - 20% of consumers are showing an interest in nitro coffee which combines nitrogen bubbles into cold brew coffee.

To respond to customers changing habits, coffee shops continue to blur traditional day parts as day merges with evening. A cocktail option is of interest to 10% of coffee shop goers.2

With new trends and the change of seasons there’s so much to get excited about but it’s worth noting that Britain’s biggest selling coffees are still Cappuccino, Latte and Americano.3 Making sure you deliver these coffee shop stalwarts to exceptional standards is still hot on the agenda and a recipe for success.

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