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Hot Concept: Seven Artspace

Name: Seven Artspace

Location: Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Concept: Coffee and art combine at Seven Artspace which brings a welcome injection of local arts alongside quality coffee in its café bar. Customers can sit and relax while chatting about artwork displayed on the café’s wall as they wait to watch independent films, comedy acts and listen to live music.

This independent art space recently hosted a screening of ‘A Film About Coffee’ - which takes audiences on a trip around the world, from farms in Honduras and Rwanda to coffee shops in Tokyo, San Francisco and New York. It gave local coffee aficionados the chance to try our Louie Mio coffee served through a Dalla Corte Evo2, while watching the film, for an all-round sensory experience.

Verdict: Seven Artspace infuses the arts with coffee, pushing itself beyond the traditional coffee shop while nurturing local arts and music.

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